NUVUS Consulting

Nuvus Consulting

Engineering & Consulting Services for Commercial or Industrial Horticulture

What is Nuvus Consulting?

Nuvus Consulting provides customized engineering and consulting solutions for horticulture, including cannabis.

Specializing in the engineering, design, and construction of fully automated grow facilities with advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Why Nuvus Consulting?

We are more than just a consulting entity. Nuvus Consulting offers real world designs, expert engineering solutions and knowledge of large scale industrial facility construction.

Our expertise in industrial growing provides:

  • More precise control and profiling
  • Advanced computer-controlled lighting provides varied frequency and intensity throughout the plant's lifespan
  • Automated control system
  • Climate Control Automation
  • Security and Intrusion Detection
  • Cultivation Analytics for repeatable and traceable strain profiles for consistency

Engineering & Consulting Services for Commercial or Industrial Horticulture

1 Design & Build Automated Grow Facility:
- Controlled Environment
- Utility Specification and Design
- Energy Efficiency and Fault Detection
- Facility Management
2 Upgrade & Automate Current Grow Facility:
- Integrate Nuvus platform with 3rd party products
- Engineer and Integrate (partial or complete) an existing production facility
- Convert current operations to aautomated cultivation
3 GrowCOMM™ expertise in industrial growing provides:
- More Precise Control and Profiling
- Advanced Compter Controlled lighting varied frequency and intensity throughout the plants' lifespan
- Automated Control Systems and Climate Control Automation
- Cultivation Analytics for repeatable and traceable strain profiles for consistency
ferti droid schematic engineers reviewing gro droid container blueprints

GrowCOMMTM solutions enhance and automate an existing grow facility or design and construct turnkey solutions for large indoor or advanced hybrid greenhouse location.


  1. Total Project Management from site selection to first harvest
  2. Turnkey design & build of complete facilities
  3. Lighting Systems
  4. Site selection, evaluation & design
  5. Building or greenhouse specification
  6. Grow systems design & implementation
  7. Advanced security systems for indoor & outdoor facilities
  8. Environmental systems design, HVAC, dehumidifiers
  9. Total computer controled automation & integration
  10. Utility, Electrical & Water specification & design


GrowCOMM™ solutions are scalable and customizable to address the needs of small, medium and large indoor growers and can be retrofitted for existing grows.

Ongoing Customer Support

The company stands behind the product, provides support and works with the customer to improve and increase the yield to meet market demand and stay ahead of the competition.


GrowCOMM™ resources are dedicated to design the grow facility based on the client’s vision, individual preferences, requirements and budget.

Nuvus Consulting Services: Grow.COMM

Our expertise is in industrial automation - which provides more precise control and profiling.

From property development to installing grow systems and computer automation, Grow.COMM™ provides advanced professional services to bring the facility on line.

Grow.COMM™ can provide the design, engineering solutions, automation and expertise to create a successful and cost effective project and maximize their clients ROI.

Grow.COMM™ integrates Nuvus Corp products as well as major 3rd party partners to establish a complete integrated and engineered production facility providing project cost estimates and feasibility studies for projects ranging from greenfield construction to converting current operations to automated cultivation.

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